Ladies of the parish 18 years and older are invited to join us for a


Thursday, September 27, 2018
7-9 PM
St. Celestine Annex

Please come and join for an evening of fun and fellowship and FREE PIZZA and POP while we plan the agenda for our social, spiritual and service activities for the year. YOUR input is needed for service projects and retreat ideas!

We will have a split-the-pot raffle and give a free raffle ticket to those who pay their annual dues of $20 at the meeting.

As an organization, we try to assist in any mission of service within our church community and assist the pastor in the needs of a vibrant parish! All women between the ages of 18 and 118 are welcome to join the St. Mother Guerin Women’s Club. WE NEED YOU!

We meet on the 4th Thursday each month, September through May. Honestly, our meetings are short and then we socialize (might be a movie we watch, a party celebration, a game of Bingo, or a guest speaker). Where else can you get to enjoy yourself for two hours with refreshments, “fun–loving” ladies and a low budget cost to you?

As a woman of our parish, you are very welcome to attend all of our events, which are announced in our church bulletins. If we have an event with an entrance fee, as a Women’s Club member, the cost would be significantly less than if you were not a member. The $20 annual dues help offset our monthly meeting refreshments, publications, etc.

It is our mission to support each other as Catholic women and develop spiritually and socially through service to others. Some activities include raising funds for those programs.

Why not give us a try – our first meeting is September 27 at 7 PM in the St. Celestine School Annex.