Wills vs. Trusts – Which is better for you?

St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish is hosting an educational program, “Wills & Trusts – Which is better for you?” on Wednesday, May 29 at 6:30 PM in the St. Celestine Annex Meeting Room, with guest speaker, Ted Kuczek, of the Law Firm of Kuczek & Associates. Anyone interested in protecting their family from the confusion, complications and legal fees of an incomplete estate plan should attend.

Who needs a living trust?

Estate planning with a revocable living trust is a good idea for everyone but especially for the following:

  1. If you have an estate over $100,000 and want to avoid probate upon death and avoid property guardianship upon disability;
  2. If you have real estate in multiple states;
  3. If you have separate children from previous marriages (and don’t want your children to be accidentally disinherited);
  4. If you are infirmed or elderly;
  5. If you are a parent with minor children (including disabled or special needs children);
  6. If you have a large estate and want to avoid federal estate taxes and Illinois estate taxes;
  7. If you have married children and want to protect your child’s inheritance from themselves or from divorcing spouses or lawsuits.

Since 1984, the Law Firm of Kuczek & Associates has drafted revocable living trust-centered estate plans for over 2,700 families.

If you hire Ted to prepare your estate plan, he will donate a portion of his fee to St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish.