Saturday, September 8, 2018
5—10 PM

3020 N. 76th Court
Elmwood Park. Illinois

Come and enjoy a TASTE of each of these countries

USA: Hot dog and chips
Vietnam: Egg roll and rice
Philippines: Pansit and egg roll
Ireland: Corned beef sandwich
Mexico: Chimichanga and rice
Italy: Meatballs on a stick, gravy, and bread
Cheese or sausage pizza
Poland: Sausage, kraut and pierogi
Greece: Gyros
Homemade sweets, ice cream, and coffee


Inflatables, games, and craft corner for the children
Music and Dancing
Famous CEL–A–RAFFLE with 3 CASH prizes:
Split the Buck
Bingo at 7 PM in the Kindergarten Room
Split the Deck
Two bars to serve beer, wine, soda, and water

Food tickets available in advance at the

Pastoral Center at 3020 N. 76th Court, Elmwood Park
Rectory at 2601 Clinton, River Grove


The parish is seeking beverage donations for this upcoming fundraiser. Please drop donations at the back of St. Celestine church or the Pastoral Center or St. Cyprian Rectory as soon as possible. This has always been a wonderful community-building event, and we hope you will be a part of it in some way.

Beverages needed:
12 ounce cans (original) Coke
12 ounce cans Diet Coke
12 ounce cans of Sprite
16–20 ounces of bottled water

Whenever we ask for these beverage donations, it greatly reduces the expenses associated with running an event, which we are truly grateful for. Any questions, please contact Nancy Mueller at 708-453-2555.