Please join the whole Church in the United States as we pray a special Novena for Life from January 21 to January 29. We will also hold a Rosary for Life and Benediction on January 22 at 7 PM at St. Celestine Church. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US!

January 22nd will be the 47th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Decision, which struck down all laws protecting unborn human life in America. Join us as we pray to increase the Culture of Life in our nation and around the world.

We pray first and foremost for the legal protection of the unborn. The most innocent and defenseless among us should receive the same legal protection the rest of us, from the richest to the newest immigrant, receive in law – the protection of our right to life.

We also pray that we can protect life throughout, whether in feeding the hungry, helping the chronically ill, and respecting the elderly.

Please pray our Novena prayer once a day, every day, from the January 21 to January 29. We will be praying it every day in Church, as well, during the intentions at Mass. With God’s help we will be a nation and society that protects life from conception to natural death.

Here is the prayer we will be using during the Novena:

God of life and love, you created us in your image and sent your Son to bring us life. Instill in us a respect for all life, from conception to natural death. Empower us to work for justice for the poor. Nourish us that we may bring food to the hungry. Inspire us to cherish the fragile life of the unborn. Strengthen us to bring comfort to the chronically ill. Teach us to treat the aging with dignity and respect. Bring us one day into the glory of everlasting life. We ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.