Letter From Bulletin – September 23, 2018

INSTALLATION MASS – As you may know, I was installed as the new pastor of St. Celestine in August 2013. On July 1, 2018 with Renew My Church, St. Celestine and St. Cyprian combined to become the new parish St. Mother Theodore Guerin, and I was appointed by Cardinal Cupich to be the pastor of the new parish. Both St. Celestine and St. Cyprian have gone through significant changes with a new mass schedules, new parish name, and especially for St. Cyprian, the closing of the school. Change is not easy and it will take time to heal. In order to come together for healing and for a new beginning, I would like to invite everyone from St. Celestine and St. Cyprian to the Inauguration of our new parish, St. Mother Theodore Guerin, and my Installation Mass as the new pastor on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 11 AM at St. Celestine Church. Bishop John Manz, our Episcopal Vicar, will be the main celebrant. A reception will follow in the gym. There will be no 10:30 AM Mass at St. Celestine or 11:30 AM Mass at St. Cyprian that day. I hope to see many of you from both communities come celebrate our new patron saint and to ask for her intercession to bring us together in peace, unity, and love.

SPECIAL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM – This weekend began another year of Religious Education at St. Celestine for individuals with special needs. This program continues to be a special grace to all of us as we realize that every individual has something to offer the world. Each and every person is a gift from God and is truly blessed by God. May we all come to realize and appreciate the contribution that each life makes. I would like to thank Mary Murphy and all the catechists who dedicate themselves to pass on the faith to our students. If any children from your family with special needs want to register for religious education, please leave a message for Mary at St. Celestine’s Pastoral Center.

SEMINARY APPEAL – This weekend’s second collection supports the seminaries in the Archdiocese of Chicago. This year we won’t have seminarians speaking at the masses as we have Sister Sue Paweski speaking after the Gospel. I ask that you pray for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life for our Archdiocese. Please be generous with your financial support for the seminaries.

WORDS OF THANKS – Last Saturday, the Mass on the Grass and BBQ at St. Cyprian was a great success. Thank God for the beautiful weather and I am sure many people enjoyed the outdoor mass and the great music. I would like to thank Jeanne Schneider, the musicians, and choir members for putting together the beautiful music. I want to thank the Men’s Club of St. Cyprian, who organized the Mass, for providing delicious meals in the Pavilion after Mass. Thanks also to Beverly Parylad and those who helped with the refreshments after all the Masses last Sunday. It was good to see many people from St. Cyprian and St. Celestine coming together to celebrate the feast day of St. Cyprian.

CLICK HERE to see Pictures of the Mass on the Grass and BBQ 2018.

ST. CYPRIAN SCHOOL BUILDING UPDATE – In my weekly letter of August 5, I mentioned that Fr. Darrio had been approached in the spring by several parties interested in the St. Cyprian school building. In particular, the River Grove Library District is pursuing plans to acquire use of the school for a new Public Library facility for village residents. Preliminary meetings were held with representatives of the Library District in July. Since then, the Library Board has voted to develop plans that might lead to the acquisition of the school for use as a new River Grove Library. This past week, the Library Board issued a press release regarding their ongoing development efforts. The Library Board’s architects visited the school building this past week. We will print the press release in next week’s Bulletin for your information. There have been no meetings with the Library Board or its representatives since the July meeting, and no agreements have been proposed or signed. This process will extend into next year, since there are many steps in the process. We will keep you updated on any further progress.

May God bless you and bless St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish!

In Prayer,
Father Paul Cao
Pastor of St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish