Eucharistic Minister

Lay men and women are invited to partake in the ministry of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, or Eucharistic Ministers. This is an opportunity to meet people in the most intimate and sacred Catholic encounters; the sharing of the Eucharist. If you are 16 years or older, baptized, and have been confirmed, you may become a minister.

If you are interested in this ministry, please call the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555 and leave a message for Linda Santelli. We will train you and you can sign up for the mass times that work for your schedule.

CLICK HERE – Eucharistic Minister Schedule (July – September 2019) – PDF format


Being a lector is to be a “proclaimer,”  a storyteller. As Christians, by definition we are called to proclaim the good news. As a lector, you are called to proclaim the Word of God. You are encouraged to meditate and prepare your reading of Sacred Scripture so that you may inspire the faithful to turn to God through his Word.

If you have a clear voice and are comfortable speaking in public, please consider being a lector. Call the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555. We will train you and you can sign up for the mass times that work for your schedule.

CLICK HERELector Schedule (July – September 2019) – PDF format

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest and deacon; they are trained to carry the processional cross and the candles, hold the sacred books for the Presider, and assist with the gifts at the offertory during the Mass. Most servers are grade school students from St. Celestine School and the Religious Education program. Servers are placed on a rotating schedule for the Masses. Father Andre Beltran trains the servers.

We are fortunate to have high school students who serve at our special parish liturgies. If you are in high school and would like more information about this ministry, please call the Pastoral Center.

Adult servers assist at funeral Masses.

If you are interested in joining this ministry, please call the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555.

CLICK HEREAltar Server Schedule (July – September 2019) – PDF format

Art and Environment

The Art and Environment Committee is a subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee and oversees the seasonal decorating of our church to enhance worship by preparing the environment of the church for the liturgical seasons and feasts. Our mission is to inspire the religious imagination of our parish community for these liturgical seasons which is done by the use of textiles, colors, and smell. Our primary goal is to enhance the worship experience through artistic expression.

Art and Environment enriches the liturgy. God has acted in human history through perceptible signs, and beauty is one way the mystery of God becomes visible. This group is committed to helping create, maintain and change the decor in our sacred spaces.

If you would like information about the Art and Environment committee, please contact the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555.


Ushers greet and welcome the congregation, help them find seats if the liturgy is crowded, take up the collection, and ensure a dignified flow of the liturgy. Ushers are prepared to get emergency assistance if anyone present should need it.

If you are interested in this ministry, please call the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555. We will train you and you can sign up for the mass times that work for your schedule.

Music Ministry

Do you love to sing? Are you looking for a way to meet new people with similar interests? Would you like to share your talents and serve the Church? Join our music ministry!

Music Ministry is made up almost entirely of amateur musicians with one thing in common – a desire to share our love of music with our spiritual community. Musicians of all skill levels have a place at St. Celestine, with an opportunity to learn and improve, as well as to perform.

Our Music Director, Craig Kamptner, can be reached at the Pastoral Center, at 708-453-2555.

CANTORS – Lead the singing at the weekend Masses and special liturgies. They are competent musicians with pleasant singing voices and outgoing personalities who commit to leading the congregation in song at as many or as few Masses as they wish.

ADULT CHOIRS – The Adult Choir sings at the 11 AM Mass on the second, third, and fourth Sundays of the month. The Choir sings for the Memorial Mass, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Easter, Confirmation, and other Masses and prayer services. Choir members range in age from high school age to senior citizens, with all levels of ability. Choir members are welcoming and helpful, and encourage everyone who loves to sing to participate. We rehearse on Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 PM in the Music Room.

CHILDREN’S CHOIR – The Children’s Choir sings at the 11 AM Family Mass on the first Sunday of each month during the school year. Children from second through eighth grade from St. Celestine and local public schools are welcome to join. We rehearse in the Music Room on Wednesdays after school from 3:05 to 3:45 PM for St. Celestine school students and from 3:15 to 3:45 PM for Religious Education students. All grade school age children are encouraged to participate in this fun, upbeat, and spiritual musical experience.

CONTEMPORARY CHOIR – The Contemporary Choir rehearses on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in the church, and leads the singing at the 4:30 PM Sunday Mass and at every other third Sunday Mass at 11 AM. The choir is made up of singers and instrumentalists; currently guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards. New musicians and instruments are always welcome.

HANDBELL CHOIR – The Handbell Choir plays at Christmas and other special Masses.

INSTRUMENTALISTS – Instrumentalists add depth and variety to liturgies at St. Celestine parish. We currently have woodwinds and brass. If you play keyboards, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, a string, or percussion, and can sight-read and play competently, you are encouraged to participate.