You may have noticed new plantings and gardens around St. Celestine this spring and summer. If you haven’t – take a look around and admire the beauty!

We want to thank those who have volunteered this season: Linda, Greg, Mike, Steven, Craig, James, Polly, and CK, the Vice President of our Women’s Club and Robby, CK’s husband. They spent considerable time planting and refreshing the look of the gardens while others helped pot and donate plants, water, and weed. We have been blessed by this group effort.

We are hoping to form a gardening group called St Celestine Garden Angels to prepare for the fall and next spring. All are welcome to join us. You can:

  1. Help water, weed and plant an hour or two a week.
  2. Donate plants. We would like to add to our gardens so they can be as beautiful as possible and be a blessing to all.

Watch the bulletin and this website in the future to see what else is needed. Email CK at with questions, suggestions and for volunteer information.

Some of the beautiful gardens at St Celestine’s! Including wild life!

Can you find the yellow bird in the perennial garden feeding on the cone-flowers?
Possibly a Goldfinch or Tanager?
And did you notice our our resident bunny?
That’s Hip-pity! Father Jeff named him so!! He’s so cute!

Keep your eyes and ears open to the many joys in our gardens throughout the different seasons!