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WORDS OF THANKS FROM FATHER PAUL – On September 7, 2019, the Parish Taste was a great success with a turnout of more than a thousand people! We thank God for giving us the good weather and for all the good food. I have received many compliments about the Taste. I wish I could take all the credit but I cannot. I just helped selling raffle tickets and mostly stood around talking or helping to set up at the beginning and clean up at the end.

The real credit goes to so many – and I mean – many many of you – the staff, the members of the different organizations and individual families who sponsored the booths, the selfless volunteers who spent long hours preparing and then worked from Friday night till after 11 PM on Saturday itself. If I were to create a list of everyone who, in some way, contributed to this parish function, I would have to double the size of this bulletin. I realize that everyone who gave of themselves to make the day such a success did not do so in order to be thanked. But I would be grossly remiss in my duties as pastor if I did not express my appreciation to you for a job well done. The Taste of St. Mother Guerin Parish was a terrific reflection of our parish spirit. It was a chance to see so many people especially this year, it was great to see staff and parishioners from St. Cyprian helping or joining us and having a good time. To one and to all – THANK YOU!!! May God bless you and reward you for all your good work!!