The Finance Council provides assistance and review to and for the pastor in his stewardship of parish resources. In effect, the Finance Council is a key element in maintaining the financial health of St. Celestine Parish under the direction of the pastor.

Annual Parish Report 2016-2017

As required by the Archdiocese, the Annual Report for last fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, (FY17) is now published – CLICK HERE FOR A PDF FORMAT. We are incredibly happy to report that both the church and the school ended the year with a profit.

As you know from previous bulletin articles, our parish is currently participating in the Archdiocese’s Renew My Church  initiative. One of the most important factors highlighted at our meetings is the fact that we have many parishioners who willingly share of their time, their talent, and their treasure. We are extremely fortunate for this. The number of hours that our volunteers give to this parish is tremendous, along with being priceless, and we sincerely thank each one of you.

On the reality side, however, is that we are consistently under budget for our Sunday collection, the largest ordinary operating income budget item each year. We have budgeted $10,800 for the Sunday collection for the last 3 years which was lower than the amount budgeted in prior years. We ask each one of you to prayerfully reflect on your weekly giving and possibly increase whatever you can to help us meet this year’s Sunday budget. We were fortunate that the holy day collections, many fundraising efforts, and miscellaneous fees helped to keep our Total Ordinary Income only 3% below the budgeted amount for FY17. The church’s Total Ordinary Expenses were 3% under the budgeted amount for FY17, largely due in part to one less priest on staff, a key ministry being reduced to part time, slightly lower utility bills, and a mild winter. These factors helped us end the year with a profit of $11,560 for our Net Ordinary Income.

Moving on to Other Income and Expenses, the majority of the income came from the TTWCI campaign, as well as from the monthly Capital Collections for both the parish and the school and religious education fund. We are very pleased that many parishioners continue to donate to the TTWCI campaign in order to fulfill their pledges. The project completed last year was the ramp and new steps on Wellington Avenue and the brick project at both entrances to the church. We’ve received many compliments on the look of the entrances. This project could not have been completed without the financial sacrifices the parishioners continue to make for this campaign. We are currently working with an architect on plans for the enclosure leading from the rear of the church into the gym and will keep you posted. Again, please accept our thanks for continuing to fulfill your pledges.

Our school is in a very healthy financial state. Not only did the school end the year with a profit, but there is money in the school’s savings that will be used during our current fiscal year to update their technology. Since technology is constantly advancing, it is expensive to keep up with. The school’s computers that the staff and students currently use are over 7 years old; so new computers will be purchased in the very near future. Mrs. Rocchi, our principal, has worked tirelessly to get the school into the fine shape it is in; and the Finance Council publicly thanks her for all of the effort she puts into our parish school. Her commitment to providing the best Catholic education for our students is overwhelming.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Report, please do not hesitate to contact our pastor, Fr. Paul Cao, or Nancy Mueller; both of us can be reached at 708–453–2555.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you make on behalf of St. Celestine Parish.

Nancy Mueller, Business Manager
Fr. Paul Cao, Pastor,
and the Finance Council