The Bereavement Group at St. Cyprian is a general grief group for all those adults suffering from a death of a loved one. Most of us are not prepared for the long journey of grief which can be devastating along with being frightening and very often, lonely. We may think, do, and say things that are very unlike us. There could be no respite for us as we struggle with these intense feelings that we are experiencing.

Our support group here at St. Cyprian’s could provide a safe place to explore these feelings while obtaining comfort and support from others who have had a similar experience of loss. Sister Laura, who is Director of Spiritual Care at a Chicago hospital and a Chaplain along with Julia, who is a Hospice Social Worker, have teamed up together for the last five years bringing this grief support group to St. Cyprian.

Every third Tuesday of the month from September through June we meet together at 7 PM in the rectory to offer a half hour presentation, then delve into those attendees’ issues that they might like to share. This year we would like to welcome those parishioners and friends from the parishes of St. Celestine and St. William as we partner together in our efforts as we have done with our Church Missions in the past.

Grief is a difficult process where you could lose your hopes and dreams for the future. You might feel like you have lost your direction and your anchor is not available. Let us help to bring that supportive caring and understanding to you with the help of the bereavement program.

Please join us on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at St. Cyprian Parish Rectory located at 2601 Clinton in River Grove, Illinois. If you don’t wish to come alone, bring a good friend or family member to support you.

We welcome all of you!