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Parish Transformation celebrates the gift of our parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago by making our parishes stronger and more effective in fulfilling the mission that Jesus has entrusted to his Church. Beginning on Tuesday night on February 17, 2015, our parish started the Parish Transformation with 12 weeks of Meetings. The last Parish Transformation Dialogue took place on Tuesday, May 12.

The ultimate goal of the Parish Transformation process is to learn new ways of looking at the parish life, to adopt new pastoral and fiscal practices where it is advantageous, and to initiate an ongoing review and refinement of the mission and vision of the parish at regular intervals. There is a facilitator - Maryanne Kelly, from the Pastoral Center of the Archdiocese of Chicago who leads us in this process. You can see more information and resources in the Archdiocese of Chicago / Parish Transformation website. Here are the following updates of our process.


  • JUNE 26, 2016 - Progress during the last 10 Months - pdf - Document
  • JUNE 5, 2016 - Dementia Support Group and Welcoming Committee - pdf - Document
  • JULY 12, 2015
    Mission Theme, Action Plan and Mission Narrative - How Can You Help? Form

    pdf - Document
  • JULY 5, 2015 - Saint Celestine Mission Narrative - pdf Document
  • JUNE 21, 2015 - Next Thursday, June 25, 2015 the Parish Transformation Steering committee, the chair people from the subcommittee and Father Paul Cao will meet with Bishop Manz in order to present the Parish Transformation action plan after the 12 weeks of meeting and to celebrate the completion of the action plan process as well. The meeting will be held at Vicariate IV office. We ask you please keep us in your prayers that we will have an enjoyable and successful meeting. We will post the whole package of the Parish Transformation action plan in the bulletin after meeting with the Bishop. Thanks to those who dedicated their time and talents to help make our Parish Transformation possible.
  • MAY 24, 2015 - On June 25, a small group from the Parish Transformation team will meet with Bishop Manz to present their final outcomes and action plans.
  • MAY 10, 2015 - Committees and Planning Phase - pdf Document