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The Italian Catholic Federation sponsors our Annual Saint Joseph Table which raises money for those in need.

A Glance from the Past by Sarah Brancato

In 1968, Father Feccia came to my home and we started the ICF Branch 220. It started with 9 of us as members. As the years went by, we were over 100 members.

We met once a month at St. Celestine Church. Our Fathers Day Pie Sale was our one and only fund raiser. Our first one was where we baked frozen apple pie. Each member baked some and when we were a big branch we ordered baked pies. At one time we sold 300 pies. We have been having the Fathers Day Pie Sale every Fathers Day since we began in 1968. We are just a few members now but we still have our Fathers Day Pie Sale and now we sell 200 pies.

Our President Jo Townsend has been having a St. Joseph Table for quite a few years with the ICF. We are only a few members now but we still have our monthly meetings and we have Mike DeLarco as our Deacon.

These are things we did: After our meeting we would have coffee and cake. Then we would play Bingo. Sometime we would have a spaghetti dinner on a Friday during Lent. We would have pasta and bean soup for people that come from St. Celestine. Once a year we would have an ICT Mass on a Saturday and then go to a restaurant for breakfast. Now, we go on our ICF Anniversary to a restaurant for dinner.