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Parish Office / Pastoral Center
3020 N. 76th Court, Elmwood Park, IL 60707
Phone Number: 708-453-2555 - Fax Number: 708-452-0560
School Office Phone Number: 708-453-8234

Rev. Paul Duy Cao - Pastor
708-453-2555 ext 29
Rev. Andre Beltran - Associate Pastor
708-453-2555 ext 30
Rev. Jeffrey Grob - Resident Priest
Rev. Filbert Ngwila - Resident Priest
Mike DeLarco - Deacon
708-453-2555 ext 31
Please call Mike to schedule weddings.
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Dennis Colgan - Deacon
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Miguel Negron - Deacon
Barbara Kubiniec-Mares - Pastoral Associate
708-452-0150 ext 17
Please call Barbara for all questions regarding hospital and homebound visitations, funeral liturgy planning, outreach to the poor, and baptism preparation.
Nancy Mueller - Business Manager
708-453-2555 ext 15
Please call Nancy for all questions regarding parish census, parish finances, parish business, event scheduling, and facility use.
Craig Kamptner - Music Ministry
708-453-2555 ext 16
Please call Craig for all questions regarding adult and children's choirs, contemporary ensemble, liturgical instrumentalists, and wedding music.
Julie McGuire - Coordinator of Religious Education
708-453-2555 ext 28
Please call Julie for all questions regarding religious education classes for children in Grades 1-8, and for high school students seeking Confirmation.
Jeanine Rocchi - School Principal
Please call Mrs. Rocchi for all questions regarding the school, such as school events, policies, enrollment, and transfer students.
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Joe Joost - Coordinator of Youth Ministry
708-453-2555 ext 12
Please call Joe with questions regarding teen group activities.
Lynn Schmidt - Parish Receptionist
708-453-2555 ext 10
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Irma Rivera - Parish Receptionist
708-453-2555 ext 10
Laurie DePillo - Administrative Assistant
708-453-2555 ext 13
Eric Mueller - Parish Maintenance Engineer
708-453-8234 ext 25
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Bob Vessini - Parish Maintenance Engineer
708-453-8234 ext 25
PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Trudy Wynd - School Secretary
School Website
Donna Del Medico - School Financial Secretary
School Website