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Letter From Bulletin on February 25, 2018

Name for our new parish - Last weekend you received a bulletin insert explaining the process for naming the combined parish of St. Celestine and St. Cyprian. The Grouping Team has suggested six possible names for our new combined parish.

  1. St. Celestine–St. Cyprian: This name retains the two original names of the parishes and is in alphabetical order.
  2. St. Cyprian–St. Celestine: This name retains the two original names of the parishes. Since St. Cyprian has the longer history, its name is first out of respect.
  3. Our Lady of Elm Grove: We honor Mary as the mother of Jesus and claim her as our own mother. Since our parish spans Elmwood Park and River Grove, we combine these to create Elm Grove.
  4. St. John XXIII: St. John XXIII called forth the Vatican II Council to “open the windows” of renewal in the church. Our parish is now at a time of renewal.
  5. St. Augustine: St. Augustine was the son of St. Monica who notably prayed for his conversion. The use of this name calls us to conversion and renewal of faith as disciples of Jesus.
  6. Annunciation: Mary said “yes” to the will of God. We follow her witness as we willingly journey together as one parish.

At all of the masses next weekend, March 3 and 4, we will engage in a selection process whereby each person will prayerfully select three names for our parish. The Grouping Teams will then meet on March 15 to write a letter to Cardinal Cupich submitting to him our top three choices and the reasons these names represent our parish. The Cardinal will then choose a name for our parish.

I ask you to please continue to pray for a smooth transition and for the success of Renew My Church.

An ongoing journey - Last Sunday, candidates and catechumen from our parish joined with hundreds of other RCIA members in the Archdiocese of Chicago to gather at Holy Name Cathedral for the Rite of Election. Those preparing to enter the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil were called forth during the rite and Bishop Rojas prayed over them. It was a great celebration and it was good to see so many catechumen and candidates who were joyful and enthusiastic to be received into the Catholic faith. In your kindness, please keep in your prayers all those who have journeyed through the RCIA process since last September and who will either enter the Catholic Church or complete their Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil. In particular, please remember: Matthew Hale, Angelina Jager, Jennifer Thomas, Elsa Villegas, Isabela Bautista, Yasmine Bahen, Jesus Cruz, Ricardo Cruz, Mark Javier, Martin Javier, Maria Montes, Isabella Murry, Jenny Saldana, Alonzo Salgado, Salvador Sandoval, Lillian Trujillo, and Daniel Zbroszczyk.

I am very happy to see many teenagers and adults joining the RCIA program this year. I would like to thank Julie McGuire, Deacon Mike DeLarco, and Jackie Schweitzer who have taught and accompanied them on their journey.

Second Friday Lenten dinner - Please invite your friends, co-workers, and family to come to our next Lenten Dinner on Friday, March 2, from 5 to 7:30 PM. The Lenten Dinner includes pasta by a featured restaurant (this week Elmcrest Banquet will be the featured restaurant), pepper and egg sandwiches, salad bar, and dessert with coffee or hot tea. This is our Lenten fundraiser, so please come and enjoy dinner with family and friends and help support our parish.

I would like to thank the many school parents and students from St. Celestine other parishioners for coming to the last Lenten Dinner. It was good to see students who stepped in to help serve and clean up at the dinner. I hope to see many people at the Lenten Dinner this Friday. Thanks for your support!

May God bless you always and may the Lenten season help us to be closer to Christ!

In prayer,
Father Paul Cao