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Letter from Bulletin on September 17, 2017

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Last Letter from Bulletin on September 10, 2017

Come to the Taste of St. Celestine! - It’s today! (that is if you are reading this on Saturday)! From 5 to 10 PM in the gym - annex - parking lot. Come and sample a variety of diverse, delectable treats from a number of the ethnic groups and communities that comprise our parish. In addition, there will be music, games for children, bingo, live entertainment, and more!

School - Last Thursday, the families of our parish school gathered to participate in Parents’ Night as a new school year unfolds. I am proud to say that we currently have 437 children enrolled in our school. A great many sacrifices are being made on the part of parish school families and friends of the school to ensure that this form of Catholic education does not pass from existence. Our parish school has a proud history of academic excellence. I ask that you keep our school, along with the principal and faculty, in your prayers. In addition, remember to pray for the safety of children everywhere.

I also would like to highly encourage parents to please try to bring your children to Sunday Mass. It’s very important for them to participate in the Eucharist every Sunday. I felt so sad when I visited the classroom and asked the students if they were at mass on Sunday. Less than a third of them raised their hands that they go to church regularly. Some of them also told me that they wanted to go to church but their parents would not take them. Parents are the first educators and you are the model of faith for your children. The Catholic school and religious education program are good places for your children to learn about Jesus and their faith but they need to practice their faith by participating in the Eucharist every Sunday and by being nourished by the Body of Blood of Christ. Pope Benedict XVI urged parents to make Sunday Mass a family affair. "Parents are called to make their children discover the value and importance of the response to Christ's invitation, who calls the whole Christian family to Sunday Mass," the pope said to a crowd in St. Peter's Square in 2005.

Pope Francis also said: “It’s so important to go to Mass every Sunday because that’s where people receive Christ who saves, forgives, and unites everyone to his father, church, and each other.” The most important celebration for a family, the pope said, is Sunday Mass, which brings people "the grace of Jesus Christ, his presence, his love, his sacrifice, his making us a community, his being with us." When people bring their lives to Jesus in the Eucharist, the real meaning of life is revealed, Pope Francis said. "Work, family, our daily joys and efforts, even suffering and death - all are transfigured by the grace of Christ."

Religious Education - Next Saturday, September 16, our Religious Education Program will start another year of learning about our Catholic faith. We we have over 100 students enrolled in these programs. If you haven’t registered your children yet please do it as soon as possible. My personal thanks to the dedicated service of Julie McGuire, the catechists and their assistants, who diligently go about making this program as successful as it is. May God bless all who are seeking to learn more about their faith.

Renew My Church Meeting - Yesterday (Saturday), the first five Groupings Discerning Teams gathered at St. Ignatius high school for training to begin the process of Renew My Church in the Archdiocese. We are one of the Five Groupings including St. William and St. Cyprian. On Monday, September 11, everyone is invited to our Church for the first Renew My Church parish session at 6:30 PM. Everyone is welcome and encourage to attend. In our first session we will:

  • Discuss Renew My Church and the process we are beginning together,
  • Review important information and questions about our community such as the strengths and challenges we bring to our grouping, and
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Let us hold each other and the other parish and school communities in our grouping in prayer as we enter this time of rededication to our faith in Jesus Christ and planning for the future.

May God bless you all!

In Prayer,
Fr. Paul Cao