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The Art and Environment Committee is a subcommittee of the Liturgy Committee, that oversees the seasonal decorating of our church and that is, enhancing worship by preparing the environment of the church for the liturgical seasons and feasts. Our mission is to inspire the religious imagination of our parish community for these liturgical seasons.  This is done by the use of textiles, colors and smell. Our primary goal is to enhance the worship experience through artistic expression.

Art and Environment enrich St. Celestine's Liturgy - God has acted in human history through perceptible signs, and beauty is one way the mystery of God becomes visible. Our church is indeed a beautiful structure, but as we travel through the liturgical calendar, we use many means to help focus and highlight the holy days as well as the everydays of our faith journey. This group is committed to helping create, maintain and change the decor in our sacred spaces.

If you would like information about the Art and Environment committee, please contact the Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555.

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