Parish Event » Parish Library and Lighthouse Catholic Media

Do you have questions about the faith and the church?
Here are some options for you to learn about the faith and the church
Jesus founded and become the disciple you are called to be!

The St Celestine Parish Library is now established.
A well-stocked Catholic library is located in the ushers room in the back of the church.
Please come see and sign out the great books. If you would like to donate any solidly
catholic books to the library please leave them on the book shelf.
If you wish, place your initials or envelope number on the back inside cover of the book.

While in the car or at home many great Catholic websites and apps for your phone are available.
Several of the top apps for learning about Jesus and the Catholic Church he founded are:
Relevant Radio, EWTN, Laudate, Discerning Hearts, Institute of Catholic Culture,
Catholic Answers, St. Paul Center for Catholic Theology and Dynamic Catholic Radio.
They are all available for free on your phone’s app store or internet.
Listen or read and learn about your church! You will be amazed!!!
Also, please investigate the many lifechanging CD’s from
Lighthouse Catholic Media located at the back of the church.