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Retreat at LaSalle Manor - August 10-12, 2012 - Pictures

HEARING THE LORD’S VOICE - On August 10-12, 14 of our parish teens participated in a
3-day retreat at La Salle Manor Retreat Center in Plano, IL. We are always encouraged and enlivened to encounter young people who are willing to withdraw from the many distractions of life and spend some time listening to the voice of God speaking within their hearts. We wish to extend a word of thanks to Kim McMillan, our youth minister, Fr. Artur, Dominic Clemente, Jr., and Angela Perto for their time and talent in guiding the journey of these retreatants.

Elizabeth's Retreat Reflection

I recently attended my first St. Celestine Teen Club retreat. I can honestly say I had no clue what to expect. My older teen club friends had told me that I would love it, and there would be cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning. This summary of the weekend did partially persuade me into going, but, it can't even begin to tell you how amazing of a weekend I had! Every moment of the trip was just fantastic!! Not only did we do fun things like the ping pong tournament and volleyball, but we also really opened up spiritually. After doing an activity we would meet in smaller groups and reflect on it. This was my favorite part! I loved my group and I felt that it was really easy to connect with everyone on a more personal level! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself on my first retreat! I highly recommend it for all the teens in our parish! It made me feel closer to God and the church community and I can't wait until next year!!!!!!!