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Notre Dame Vision - July 9-13, 2012 - Pictures

Notre Dame is a week long exploration of our Call to Discipleship which poses the question, "how will we share our gifts with others and with the world". These pictures below are of some of our young people who were at Notre Dame Vision. The sculptures are prayerful pieces that can be found on the University Grounds.

Matt's Notre Dame Vision Reflection

Notre Dame Vision was a great experience for me. I realized that my faith and understanding of my faith was even deeper than I had originally thought. People have always referred to me as a leader and being at Notre Dame helped me see that I am a leader and help people understand themselves and their faith, more. My skills came into focus when I took charge and started small group talks. I could tell some kids were nervous and afraid to share their stories. I decided to share some very deep stories that are hard for me to share. With me sharing my stories, the others were able to open up more and start talking more. While at Notre Dame, I realized that I was a good listener. I found myself being much focused and enjoying listening to everyone’s experiences. I was focused on the person talking and was able to respond to them if needed. It was a complete feeling inside, to know that people knew I was there for them, and really understanding them. Notre Dame has opened my heart and mind and helped me realize how much I like helping people and being more involved and trying new things. For example I have been considering becoming a lector. I am already an alter server and a Eucharistic Minister. Even more so I have been thinking of ways to help my church get more kids involved and interested in our parish. Our pastor has asked for different ideas because they are looking to start a youth club. I would love to be able to help out with this.

The speakers and the Mentors in Faith really made my experience there extremely memorable. The speakers were able to help me realize my callings in so many different ways. I was so thankful that they came. I loved them; they were the best speakers ever. I wish I could have thanked them personally. That is how much they helped me.

The things I noticed with the Mentors in Faith was that they are very caring, helpful, nice, welcoming and very good listeners. They made it easier to open up and share more stories. They were really cool to hang with. The mentors related to us. We were very comfortable with them. It was because the mentors were open and shared very cool, good and interesting stories. Their openness helped us open our hearts and mind so we can get the most out of our experience. They inspired me to do some of the stuff they do. I wish I got to know all of the mentors even more.

All in all, Notre Dame Vision was and always will be the source to opening my heart, mind and soul. It cleared up many questions I had. It helped me understand who I am and why I am here. One word I learned was inquisition. This means to inquire and listen. This is a big help in the way of talking to God. I use this every day now.

Alex's Notre Dame Vision Reflection

I had so much fun during the Vision program at Notre Dame University. I met a lot of new people and had an awesome mentor in faith. A mentor in faith is a college student that leads a small group during the week. It was nice to have an all-girls group. Not only were we all first timers at Vision, but we were all going to be on our senior year of high school. We bonded right away and we were telling each other everything. We were allowed to sit with our friends from home but my group ended up sitting together for lunch and dinner. We always started our day off with breakfast and then went to a large space and sang songs and listened to speakers. Each speaker had a different story about how God touched their lives. Then, we would split up into small groups to talk about what we just heard and how we each interpreted it.

I met someone who was just like me. We both have the same interest and were able to find this out by going on an Emmaus walk together. It is so helpful to know there are others who are like you. We still keep in touch with each other even though she lives in Ohio. We also did a scavenger hunt and my group had so much fun.

We laughed, sung songs, took silly pictures, and had an all-around good time. We went to mass at the basilica and in a chapel and also had confession. At night we went to our dorms to relax before going to sleep. We learned what it was like to live like a college student on campus. Our mentor in faith, Madelyn, was very helpful in answering our questions and making us feel comfortable around each other. I can't wait to go back next summer and I hope that my friends feel the same way and we inspire a bunch of new people to come along. I wish I had heard about Notre dame vision earlier but then I wouldn't have met some amazing new people.

Alex Schmidt