Parish Event » Support Group for Adoptive Parents

Are you or anyone you know raising an adopted child? Are you a grandparent raising your grandchildren through guardianship? Being an adoptive parent can be rewarding but often times it comes with unique challenges that can be overwhelming. Daily life can be so stressful and family and friends cannot always relate to your struggles. Raising your child doesn’t have to be a sole effort. It takes a team and sometimes the most valuable team members can be those fellow parents who can truly understand and share their experiences.

St Celestine will be hosting a new support group for parents of adoptive children (The P.A.C.) who are raising their children or grandchildren in a Christian home. We will be exploring such subjects as: dealing with current cultural issues, trauma, abandonment, bonding and attachment, special needs, IEP’s, mental health, etc. The P.A.C. (Parents of Adopted Children) meets every other week in the church Wellington Conference Room at 6:30 pm. We will be meeting on November 15 and 29. Adoptive parents, guardian grandparents, and community members are invited. Please call Laura Moreci at 708–453–7443 for more information.